For many organizations, the past few years have been tumultuous.  Sales have fallen, markets have dried up, and spending levels have been constantly revised – turning the planning and budgeting process upside down.  In hindsight, these same organizations find that more time has been spent on altering their out of sync budgets than has been spent on identifying and analyzing key trends and opportunities for the future.

Peloton Planning

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With the right planning processes and technology platform, organizations can be fast and nimble.  These organizations can model their business, understand their opportunities and threats, adapt to the changing marketplace conditions, and allocate resources against a more accurate picture of the future.  This is possible today!  Management teams are leveraging streamlined resource allocation processes and new technology to run intraday
budget passes, to rapidly model expense reductions, to analyze competitive product entries and cannibalization, to manage rolling forecasts, and to play scenarios against competing strategic alternatives.

Today, planning can be a strategic tool – one that is transformed from a traditional command and control environment  for maintaining the status quo to a process that enables constructive management dialog and focuses on the possibility and plans for tomorrow.  Peloton has years of planning process knowledge and planning software implementation experience.  We know the opportunity offered by the combination of well laid plans and the ability to align resources behind strategy.