Data Warehousing

Today, some of the most important observations and insights about a business are derived from data analysis. "Data" or "information" is the key to the development of these insights and observations.

Peloton Domains of Service - Data Warehousing

A data warehouse provides both the structure and process rigor for gathering and storing data. Click here to view our other domains of service.

By building up a vast repository of data, organizations can readily reconstruct a narrative of their business performance.  This narrative tells a factual story about what has been happening, what is happening, and what should happen within the organization and proves invaluable toward gaining a clear perspective of what’s working, what’s not, and what needs to change.

The data warehouse is the key to an organization’s ability to capture data and to ensure that data is readily transformed into useful information.  A data warehouse is a major component of an organization’s enterprise information architecture, and it provides both the structure and process rigor for gathering and storing data, developing the correct interrelationships between the data, and quickly retrieving and distributing data throughout the organization.  With a solid information architecture and data warehouse in place, companies can quickly gain insight into their most complex data sets and begin to realize true benefits
from analysis.

Peloton works with clients – leveraging best practices from years of practical, hands-on experience – to design, develop, and implement a comprehensive information platform.  By leveraging our expertise in design and construction, we help our clients identify the appropriate amount of information and technology necessary to meet business demands.  We also help our clients to avoid the common challenges and pitfalls inherent in the construction of a data warehouse.  As part of this service, we provide dimensional modeling design services, data integration plans, and performance optimization solutions.

Though data continues to proliferate at an unbelievably rapid pace, Peloton can help you to store and optimize your business information and begin to leverage data as a strategic asset of your organization.