Data Management

Good data is the heartbeat of business intelligence.  Good data is the byproduct of solid data management practices.  Data management involves putting the correct processes and people in place to manage all aspects of the data lifecycle. 

Peloton Domains of Service - Data Management

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Data management requires much more than a simple investment in technology or the construction of a large database.  Rather, to be done correctly, data management requires an investment of time, people, processes, and technology to effectively address issues of data governance, data quality, data migration, and master data management.  Once addressed, these key ingredients form a sustainable means to deliver quality data, to support better decision making, to ensure regulatory compliance, to reduce risks associated with data quality, to improve operational efficiencies, and to guarantee performance planning, reporting, and analysis is available, reliable, accurate, and secure.

Peloton understands that data management isn’t easy.  In order for an organization to improve its data and the management of data, they must address poor-quality root causes, such as incorrect definitions of data, internal disagreements over the importance of data, and broken governance processes.

Peloton helps our clients to build a data management strategy that combines both processes and technologies. The strategy starts with a solid foundation – master data management – creating a single system of record.  Derived from various source systems, our MDM solutions deliver a set of validated, universally recognized values that can be reconciled and stored at the enterprise level and used by all users and systems.  At Peloton, we partner with our clients to effectively help manage their data. Our experts assist you to do the technical, behind-the-scenes work, so you can focus on what it is that you do best; running your business