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Peloton Cloud Solutions

Cloud is here, and only becoming more prevalent in today’s economy. How well prepared is your team to support the ever-increasing demands from the business and be a true business partner? Whether its a departmental finance solution, sales margin planning, capital planning, salary planning, or an operation model. Peloton’s cloud solutions can drive your organization to become more efficient, while reducing cost with an overall reduction in total cost of ownership.


Peloton’s Cloud Solutions provide organizations a unique offering with both regional coverage for all cloud implementation, but also core development being done at Peloton’s Global Cloud Development Center, this is where we share best practices, industry models, and the latest trends in cloud technology.

Peloton’s team of, and their national cloud practice lead have been involved and implemented over 25 customers in the Cloud Space across multiple industries from 25 users to 2000+ users. We have been involved in domestic as well as international implementations. We bring over 20 years of Enterprise Performance Management experience to clients. We provide clients with a variety of offering from migration of on-premise to cloud, new cloud implementations, hybrid cloud and on-premise implementations.

Implementing world-class planning and reporting capabilities does not require infrastructure investments, a year-long time consuming initiative, or an extensive budget. You can transform your planning and reporting capabilities with Peloton CloudAccelerators for Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS), Business Intelligence Cloud Services and Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud Services (EPRCS) in a matter of weeks.

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What’s Included

Each pre-packaged rapid deployment solution is based upon key industry factors including:

  • Common dimensions
  • Calculations
  • Templates
  • Reports
  • Proven best practices
  • Common requirements and design

How It Works

As part of the implementation process, our team of experts define requirements and document the overall design.  We’ll ask you a series of questions to further customize your solution to your business:

  • What markets and segments are you in?
  • How do you plan Store and Product Revenue?  By day, month, season?
  • Are story managers involved in the financial planning process?
  • How do you consolidate financial plans across multiple stores and markets?
  • How long does it take you to consolidate a financial plan across your organization?
  • Do you currently have interactive dashboards that enable you to quickly access and analyze KPIs?

Peloton CloudAccelerators are designed for Oracle PBCS to transform an organization’s existing panning process into a fully integrated cloud-based solution in a matter of weeks, not months.

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