Peloton Analytics Benchmark

Are you considering an analytics initiative, but don’t know how to get started?

Are you curious how other companies are developing analytics capabilities?

Are you looking for help in developing a business case for your analytics project?

Peloton’s Analytics Benchmark can help you answer these questions and quickly identify gaps between your capabilities and industry-leading practices. Peloton provides insights and ideas to help you shape, guide and accelerate your Analytics transformation journey. You will discover where you are strong, where you might have areas that need improvement, and how to prioritize efforts on your analytics roadmap.

Peloton conducts pre-work & research on relevant materials to jump-start discussion and understand shareholder value, size & industry, and strategic imperatives. We will collect a Company Background Profile, a one-pager on relevant industry & public information, and Client Artifacts, including compiled background information, industry dynamics and working session materials.

The Benchmark
Our benchmark takes only two hours to complete: one hour to answer our survey questions and one hour to discuss the results of a benchmark comparison to the 25+ companies in our database.

Analysis and Read-out

Clients receive a clear and concise report of where they are today and comparison to best in class companies. A follow-up survey, after first projects are complete, provides a great way to demonstrate the progress you have made.

Fill out the form below to schedule your Analytics Benchmark today, or contact us at

Fill out the form below to schedule your Analytics Benchmark today, or contact us at