A Platform of Analytics

A robust information technology platform (centralized, distributed, or hybrid) is the foundation for establishing a culture of analytics. This platform can be generalized as a layer cake of business processes and information processes. The key is to institutionalize the systematic delivery of information and the use of analytics within the core business processes of the organization.

Peloton defines this in two layers of abstraction.

Business Domains & Processes
First, you must identify, map and understand the core value-added business processes and the associated key metrics of your organization. These processes, and the people running these processes, represent fertile ground for where analytics can add real value. Key metrics are identified and a real-time approach is designed to support continuous improvement at the operational level and decision-making at the leadership level.

IT Domains & Processes
Second, you must establish the information management capabilities and systems by which data can be routinely transformed into information, analytics, and insights, and ultimately be delivered in a consistent and reliable manner to the organization – so they can improve the enterprise and drive better financial outcomes. Big data and advanced analytics play a big role in these processes today, but aren’t always a part of a company’s information management capabilities.

By articulating and beginning to build the capacity for both traditional and advanced analytics, an organization can empower forward-thinking leaders to not only experiment, but to also truly deliver value via analytics.