A Culture of Analytics

The full advantage of analytics is achieved when an organization adopts a culture of analytics. Organizations with a culture of analytics legitimate and authorize cross-functional resources to embed information and analytics in key business processes. These organizations celebrate the exploration and adoption of business insights and they mandate evidence-based business dialog and decision-making.

However, a culture of analytics is only sustainable when both the information and the analytics of a company are in place. In context, information refers to the availability of rich data to be systematically embedded into business processes. Analytics refers to the leadership and human capacity to change behavior based on data-driven business insights in addition to the conclusions drawn from data. The former is a tangible product that Peloton assists its clients in obtaining by leveraging enhanced data management and technology services. The latter is a management approach and methodology of which Peloton offers advisory services and facilitation to enable.

The outcome is knowledge workers that are equipped with the information they need to act and respond with ownership and autonomy.