Manufacturing is poised for a modest resurgence within the U.S.  Shrinking margins from escalating offshore shipping costs, longer product cycles, and poor product quality are prompting a trend toward re-shoring for some goods.

However, domestic manufacturers are still faced with uncompetitively high labor rates and stiff global competition.  To navigate these market dynamics, manufacturers must continue to innovate while also pushing labor productivity levels.  Many firms are doing just this as they optimize supply chain management and implement lean manufacturing techniques.

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Manfacturers can also compete on socially and environmentally responsible practices.  Many government bodies are beginning to set standards that award those companies that can meet these new targets.  And lastly, as emerging markets continue to grow, manufacturers can begin to produce for these new markets.

Peloton can assist these companies to retain their competitiveness.  We can integrate their operational and financial planning systems.  We can automate the allocation of overhead costs to calculate segment profitability.  We can help to analyze and optimize mix.  We can build out a suite of supply chain analytics capabilities, and we can help manufacturers to analyze the trade-off between cost, inventory and service levels.  Manufacturers have been under a lot of pressure for many years and Peloton looks forward to assisting in their resurgence.