Life Sciences

Industry dynamics, competition, changing regulations, and newly empowered patients are all driving change for the Life Sciences industry. Due to increasing innovations in information technology, healthcare infrastructure, and active participation by private players, the biotech industry has witnessed incredible growth during the past few years.

Life Sciences companies face ever-changing industry dynamics that require flexible and innovative technology solutions.  Peloton’s Life Sciences experts can develop value-added solutions and business process transformation from discovery to commercialization.

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Serving Discovery / Pre-Clinical / Small-to-Medium Sized Businesses
Historically, companies in the drug discovery and pre-clinical stages, or early stage businesses  with limited revenues have limited business technology purchasing power and often must administer technology solutions often without the support of IT. With cloud technology, however, companies are now able to implement true enterprise-wide, scalable technology solutions at a much lower price point.

Peloton’s Life Sciences experts understand the art of the possible: helping companies envision their future environment. We partner with our clients to assess and implement the right technological foundation for today that can support and be tailored to the organization’s growing needs for the future.

Serving Commercial / Medium-to-Large Sized Businesses
Larger organizations with previous investments in technology are faced with a different set of challenges.  Peloton’s Life Sciences industry experts can mobilize and transform large organizations with a forward-looking roadmap and enhancements plan.  Roadmaps allow larger organizations to communicate a vision to a wide variety of individuals within the organization and create a plan to address and solve a variety of challenges. A roadmap can address detailed revenue planning and reporting, contract manufacturing, organization planning and contract research organization planning, fully allocated product-level P&Ls, or internal and external reporting. Peloton knows the right tools and technology to address the enterprise-wide issues needed to drive business transformation and deliver tangible results.

Recipe for Successful Partnerships
+ At the end of an implementation, solution success is measured in the level of end-user adoption.  If the business has taken ownership, understands the end-to-end solution, and relies upon the solution to provide business-critical information, the return on the investment becomes invaluable.

+ Whether implementing a planning/budgeting solution, reporting solution, or business process improvement, early access to data allows for valuable insight and proven results for business users to utilize a new system or business process.  The quicker value is realized, the more effective the solution.

+ Post-implementation, our Managed Services team picks up where the delivery team left off and offers remote help desk and live, on-site support to all clients regardless of the solution.

+ We believe transparency and trust are the foundation of a strong partnership.  Our program managers provide routine insight into detailed project plans, transparent cost forecasting and estimates to complete, and status to deliver upon major milestones.

= Combining Peloton’s Life Sciences industry expertise, Breakaway implementation methodology, an array of technical experts, and strong program management, we are able to deliver the highest value solutions to our clients.