Oracle Exalytics – Analytics at the Speed-of-Thought

Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine is the industry’s first high-speed engineered system featuring in-memory business intelligence (BI) software and Oracle hardware to deliver extreme performance for analytic and performance management applications.

If you rely heavily on increasingly complex and data-intensive financial planning or BI applications, and are not satisfied with the way your current system supports your planning or business intelligence needs, deploying Oracle Exalytics may be an option to explore.

What makes Oracle Exalytics different from other solutions? It enables planning and real time analytics at the speed-of-thought through an innovation called heuristic adaptive in-memory caching that calculates what data is best stored in-memory for overall best performance, and adapts to changing workloads. Unlike other appliances or in-memory tools, Oracle Exalytics does not constrain applications only to data that fits in-memory, but also leverages connected databases, data warehouses and OLAP sources.

Sure, but does it really work? Yes – at Peloton, we thoroughly tested the platform by rolling up an intricate financial plan in less than two hours – a process that usually takes over six hours to complete for one of our current clients. Oracle Exalytics is not just a better piece of hardware – through the built-in dynamic memory allocation, its processing capability is at a level we’ve not seen before at this price point.

How can I see if it works for our organization? To help clients make the right choice regarding Exalytics, Peloton provides access to the Exalytics platform through our Performance Center. We can securely replicate your data and dashboards on our Exalytics server, and give you the ability to see the benefits and steps involved in moving to the Exalytics platform. A typical Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine Proof of Concept takes between two to four weeks and involves the following steps:

  • Set the baseline – we help set the baseline to establish the foundation for the proof of value test
  • Benchmark – we copy your current environment to the Peloton Performance Center and run baseline tests with and without Exalytics performance accelerator enabled
  • Recommend – we provide you with a detailed testing results document and recommendations for next steps

You can also learn more about how Oracle Exalytics can bring your organization’s business analytics capabilities to the next level or arrange for a demonstration or proof of concept evaluation by contacting us at

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