Peloton Managed Services

You are placing increasing demands on your Business Intelligence and Performance Management (BI/PM) systems to manage your organization through changing market conditions – flexibility and uptime are essential, but can strain your scarce, internal resources. If you find yourself faced with any of these scenarios, we can help:

  • You recently adopted advanced Financial Planning and Management systems and are still building the core competencies to support the environment
  • Your support team is able to manage daily routines, but needs expert advice on more complex maintenance and enhancement topics
  • The system is in a constant state of fire drills and suffers from poor reliability and performance
  • You want to maintain focus on your core competencies and have a Trusted Advisor manage the day-to-day system maintenance activities

To provide our Managed Services clients with peace of mind, Peloton provides a full suite of services, including:

With Peloton Managed Services, you can rely on a trusted partner who will ensure maximum uptime, flexibility, and dependability. Peloton is a nationally recognized leader in Enterprise Performance Management, Business Analytics, and Information Management. We come to the table with the right processes, experts, and tools to manage the solutions that you rely on to keep you ahead of your competitors:

  • Instant access to a dedicated team of expert technologists who keep your systems running and function as sounding boards for critical decisions
  • Access to a variety of skills and know-how, supported through the best ongoing training program in the industry, which would be nearly impossible to maintain in-house in a cost efficient manner
  • All interactions and resolutions are well documented in the ITIL compliant Peloton Support Request system which can be accessed 24/7 by your team
  • You are prepared for the unexpected with ongoing, automated monitoring through the Peloton Cloud Performance Monitor that anticipates bottle necks, allowing us to help you plan accordingly

If you are ready to engage with a trusted partner to manage your Business Intelligence and Performance Management systems, contact us at