Peloton FP&A Maturity Assessment


The Peloton FP&A Maturity Assessment is a question based framework that evaluates FP&A performance against industry best practices and provides:

  • Baseline assessment scores across key dimensions and detailed FP&A capability attributes
  • Documented maturity assessment evaluation compared to industry best practices and peer organizations
  • Face-to-face exploration and discussion of current state FP&A maturity, capability gaps, high priority improvement areas, strategic themes
  • Insights, ideas, and potential recommendations to improve planning, reporting, and analytic capabilities

Leveraging the assessment scores, insights gleaned during initial executive working sessions, and our experience implementing EPM, BI and Analytic solutions for hundreds of clients, Peloton provides insights and ideas to help you “move the dial” and accelerate your transformation journey.

Our Process


FP&A Maturity Assessment Question Set

Completing the FP&A Maturity Assessment Question Set takes approximately 1 – 2 hours. The questions are categorized along five primary dimensions: (1) Business Process (2) Management Reporting (3) Data & Information (4) Enabling Technology (5) People and Organization. The questions are descriptive in nature where a respondent can readily plot themselves on a maturity continuum from low to medium to high where the rating scale ranges from a low score of 1 to a high score of 9. In addition to the numerical scores, the Question Set also incorporates a text-based “color commentary” field that allows for the respondent to provide insights behind the numerical maturity assessment score.


Peloton Analysis and Synthesis

Using the information from the completed FP&A Maturity Assessment Question Set, Peloton analyzes the information provided by the respondents, identifies patterns and key themes, formulates initial observations around improvement opportunities, and then crafts a comprehensive review deck in preparation for the on-site working session.

Collaborative Working Session

During the working session, the Peloton team facilitates a robust interactive dialogue covering the output from the completed FP&A Maturity Assessment responses. This includes reviewing and discussing all of the scores and distribution across respondents, a deeper dive into specific targeted areas covering the “what and why” associated with the responses, industry specific comparisons, and a brainstorming improvement opportunities prioritization discussion.

Executive Readout

The final executive readout incorporates elements from the completed assessment and output from the working session. This presentation package includes findings, capability gaps, recommended initiatives, and a higher-level roadmap.

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