Peloton delivers projects using the Peloton BreakawayTM process. BreakawayTM is a proven, innovative approach to designing, developing and implementing enterprise performance management solutions.

BreakawayTM is a highly disciplined, integrated, and facilitated methodology that involves active client participation, innovative visual design, experiential learning, and it is proven to rapidly deliver results for our clients.

Peloton Breakaway

BreakawayTM provides the following advantages:

Focus on Design Thinking. The BreakawayTM methodology designates a far greater concentration of its project lifecycle to the processes of client requirements and solution design.  Research completed by Peloton consultants suggests that project success and business adoption are positively correlated to the thorough completion of these initial stages (Requirements, Design) of the project lifecycle.  Therefore, BreakawayTM dedicates ample time and iterations to these initial stages of the solution process.

Focus on Business Adoption. The BreakawayTM process is designed to immerse the client in the proposed solution using visualization and simulation techniques.  By means of frequent application modeling sessions, clients are fully acclimated to the evolving solution, and become confident in the solution’s envisioned impact for their business. The process also provides clients with hands-on experiential learning and education based on the enabling technology of the future solution.

Focus on Alignment of the Business Processes and Enabling Technology. The BreakawayTM process leverages solution visualization and modeling techniques to ensure that business processes are aligned with the enabling technology and that both the business and information technology stakeholders have a clear understanding of the solution.  In short, it guarantees no surprises.