How We Deliver

At Peloton, driving results for our clients is job one! We are focused, committed and passionate about demonstrating progress, measuring results, and implementing practical solutions that produce transformational outcomes. Beyond results, we also strive to make every engagement a positive, educational, and fun experience. Yes – fun! We really like what we do and we let it show.

Peloton - Linkage of Methodologies

To assist our clients in getting started, we have established a fast, effective, and efficient MobilizationTM methodology.  You might also recognize this methodology as a more involved assessment.  Our MobilizationTM methodology is utilized when a client knows they have a problem or opportunity, but they require more information to assess the current state, to envision the future state, and to understand the gap, or what it will take, to make the shift from point A to point B.  Our MobilizationTM proceeds to build consensus around the desired change and to mobilize the team to create an actionable blueprint to deliver on the envisioned future.

BreakawayTM is our proven process for consistently delivering high quality, innovative projects, while also ensuring that client adoption begins at project inception. Peloton specifically designed the BreakawayTM methodology for EPM (Enterprise Performance Management), EIM (Enterprise Information Management), and Analytics projects and their associated transformation programs.

These two offerings, MobilizationTM and BreakawayTM, represent our time tested experience in the world of Enterprise Performance Management.  So, whether you already have an anointed methodology or not, we believe that by incorporating some of these key components and concepts into your engagements, you will attain better solution design and increased user adoption.  These tailored methodologies provide a structure for you and Peloton to become a formidable force in delivering new analytical capabilities within your organization.