Steve Bowden | Vice President

Hi, my name is Steve. Here at Peloton, I lead the Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Planning practice and I often play the role of solution architect on client initiatives. I am a strong believer in the idea that success in this domain depends more on people than on technology. When teams share the same vision and have a consistent view of what success looks like, the solutions we build together realize maximum effectiveness.

Alignment between actions and desired outcomes eludes most organizations. Many organizations get caught up in the never ending cycle of technology upgrades, compliance with regulatory mandates, and other routine activities. Unfortunately, these often urgent tactical matters fully occupy mindshare while the strategic long term consideration of alignment to desired outcomes is neglected. I see it as my job to ensure that no one loses sight of key outcomes. I like to ask “What is possible? What will be the tangible benefits of this project? How are we going to recognize the value?” Without a clear understanding of the desired outcomes, it is impossible to deliver projects that get fully adopted into the life of an organization.

I admire the simplicity of Dieter Rams’ words, “Less, but better”.

I come from a very big family spread out across the country, which provides great vacation opportunities. My wife is from the Pacific Northwest. We enjoy taking time off in the summer to relax in a rustic cabin on Puget Sound – watching the seals, eagles, and other wildlife while we dig for fresh clams on the beach. Somehow I always end up in the kitchen, and, fortunately, I love to cook for lots of people. As long time residents of Boston, we pride ourselves on our knowledge of the local culinary scene – and we have a lot of fun doing our research! When not relaxing with friends and family, I take pleasure in voiding the warranties on my electronics or taking on home improvement projects with my son (armed with his lighted hardhat, safety goggles, and orange apron).

Prior to joining the founding team at Peloton, I led large scale EPM and BI initiatives across multiple business units at Fidelity Investments. Earlier in my career I served in a variety of systems integration, data warehousing, and project management roles at John Hancock. I attended Babson College as an undergraduate, where I studied accounting and information systems. While I was there I caught the entrepreneurship bug and ran two on-campus businesses. One startup was a freshly baked cookie delivery company that evolved from a class project and the other was a computer retailing company that I co-founded with a college friend. Both enterprises provided excellent lessons in managing people and money while staying focused on a goal. In support of my continuing quest for learning and adventure, I recently completed the MBA program at the Boston College Carroll School of Management.

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