Philip Peck | Vice President

Hello. My name is Philip and I lead the Planning Transformation Practice for Peloton. I work with clients to help them transform their planning and performance management capabilities by leveraging and adopting best practices including causal modeling, driver-based planning, rolling forecasts, and dynamic resource allocation.

“He who can see three days ahead will be rich for 3,000 years.” At the heart of every organization are the operational activities and processes that ultimately deliver value to their customers in the form of products and services. These organizational activities and processes are typically fairly complex, heavily intertwined, and highly dependent on each other. From a planning and performance management perspective, the challenge that all organizations face is how to “connect the dots” between these core operational activities and downstream financial results. By decomposing and quantitatively modeling the end-to-end operational processes, organizations can leverage their knowledge and understanding of the key operational business drivers to impact future performance, better forecast expected results, and make necessary course corrections along the way.

In our world today, the pace of change continues to accelerate unabated where conventional planning wisdom and traditional practices struggle in the face of increasing uncertainty, unpredictability, and seemingly random events. Ideas and disciplines that have been in place for decades such as scenario planning, simulation, and war games are now beginning to move into the mainstream business and financial planning arena. In my role at Peloton, I continue to reference and explore concepts introduced by Peter Senge in his book “The Fifth Discipline” specifically around how organizations can leverage the principles of Systems Dynamics to model not only their business but to model a closed-loop system including consumer behavior, competitor actions and reactions, and unexpected external shocks to the overall system.

Outside of the workplace, I spend as much time as possible celebrating the greatest city in the world … Chicago. Living in the heart of the city, my wife and I immerse ourselves in all facets of the city including food, music, neighborhood festivals, the arts, local politics, and especially sports. Being a diehard Cubs fan, I wear my heart on my sleeve and eagerly anticipate the day when the Cubs win the World Series and return to our appropriate place at the top of the baseball world. Combining my passion for baseball and the Cubs with my love of math, economic theory, probability, and statistics, I definitely blur work and play by consuming as much information as I can around topics like Sabermetrics and the cottage industry that has exploded from the original work done by Bill James and others.

Prior to joining Peloton, I led the Planning Practice for Palladium. Before Palladium, I was part of the leadership group of the Planning and Performance Management Practice at Answerthink/The Hackett Group. Prior to entering consulting, I worked in various business planning, finance, strategy, and sales operations capacities for several Chicago based companies including Océ-USA, Ameritech, Apollo Travel Services, and R.R. Donnelley & Sons. I hold a degree in Industrial Management from Purdue University and a Master of Management from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

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