Peter Fay | Director

My primary role at Peloton is that of project manager. Understanding the business and technical challenges projects face and being able to ask the right questions has enabled me to successfully lead and deliver projects. Technical implementations can never be done in a vacuum and implementing a technology alone will never solve the larger issues facing a company. Understanding the business problems and processes first and then utilizing an enabling technology to provide efficiencies and new capabilities is the key to delivering a solution that businesses will utilize for years.

“To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream….not only plan, but also believe” -Anatole FranceAs a project manager I have become an enormous believer of the BreakawayTM methodology and our use of Business Adoption Models (BAMs) to drive solution adoption. Building a structured approach and implementing it early in the project for users to begin to see and touch the future state solution reduces risk and increases quality.  I have found that when users are consistently engaged and can make informed design decisions they take ownership of the solution. As they start to see the solution take shape they become excited about the value it will provide and become advocates for the project team.

Working at Peloton has been the best experience of my professional career. There is no better feeling then to have close personal relationships with your coworkers.  We are unique as a company in the fact that we have gathered one of the most talented teams I have ever worked with, and with that talent, we continue to ride towards a common goal as a team. The relationships that have been cultivated and the friendships that have been built at Peloton make every victory sweeter and every challenge easier to handle.  We have accomplished a lot as a team and we will continue to do so as a family.

In my past, I have been fortunate to obtain a diverse set of experiences by playing a lot of different roles on various types of engagements at Palladium Group and ThinkFast Consulting. This has enabled me to understand the foundational elements of our solutions, while also providing me with exposure to the different facets of the business problems we partner with our clients to solve.

Coming out of the University of Arizona with BS in Retail and Consumer Sciences, one would think that I would have wanted to join a large retailer to start my career.  Instead, I took the road less traveled and chose to join a consulting firm specializing in performance management and business intelligence. Eight years later I am still at it and enjoying it every day.

Outside of the office you will most likely find me searching for the perfect Chicago restaurant or bar with my friends.  I am a true foodie at heart and have been known to enjoy “off the menu” meals at my regular restaurants from time to time.  Some may call me picky when it comes to food, but I maintain that I just know what I like. I was born and raised just outside of Detroit I am a huge fan of all Detroit sports. Win or lose, I really enjoy watching the Lions grow through strong leadership and see them bring the right individuals to the team.