Kristen Connell | Vice President

My name is Kristen Connell and I am the Vice President of People Services at Peloton.  When I joined Peloton, we had a good deal of conversation about the goals and objectives of my new role.  Rather than assume the traditional approach of a “Vice President of Human Resources”, we felt strongly that the activities that I would be driving should focus on providing a service to our consulting team.  Therefore, whether it’s in my efforts to hire new employees, to define and facilitate a performance management process, or to manage our benefits program – I see my role as one of providing a service to the firm and, more specifically, to our consulting team.

“To me, it’s not worth it to get up and go to work every day if you don’t enjoy and laugh with those with whom you work .“ This role represents a shift in my career.  I spent the last ten years working as an account manager and business consultant within the domain of enterprise performance management.  I always found that my best experiences in consulting were those that allowed me to build a trusted, long lasting relationship with my clients.  Oftentimes, these relationships were initiated by my staying a bit later to chit chat when the office died down or by my sharing something about myself to broach a more personal relationship.  These investments were worth it.  It is so much more enjoyable to consult with clients with whom you feel connected in some way.

Having worked in consulting, I have participated in all of the typical people related activities.  In my new role, it is rewarding to leverage my past experiences while also having the ability to improve upon those processes that never seemed quite right as somebody out in the field.  This opportunity, and challenge, is what really keeps me motivated.

As a consulting firm, we at Peloton recognize that people are what clients buy and what keeps our doors open.  Clearly, there are methodologies, expertise, and skills that are mandatory to winning client business, but it’s the people that differentiate us from our competition – and make Peloton a great place to work.  To me, it’s not worth it to get up and go to work every day if you don’t enjoy and laugh with those with whom you work.  I genuinely enjoy each person at our firm and I am personally vested in ensuring that we attract, retain, and foster the best people in the marketplace.

On a personal level, I stay busy running after my two children who are both under the age of three.  The kids really keep things interesting 24 hours a day and seven days a week.   My favorite books these days tend to revolve around farm animals, princesses, and geometric shapes.  I believe that the best invention of this century is the DVR!  After my kids go to sleep, it allows me to catch up on my many guilty pleasures on reality TV…American Idol, Jersey Shore, and Real Housewives.