Guy Daniello | CEO & Founder

Peloton was founded on an idea, the idea that information and analytics is transforming the way organizations compete and succeed!  A revolution in management has begun.  The winners are starting the journey.  My role at Peloton is to build the groundswell and hail the analytics revolution!!!  I see it as my responsibility to assure that our clients realize the full potential from their projects and that our staff has the resources, tools and knowledge to deliver on the promise of analytics for our clients.

Organizations are beginning to recognize the value of putting together the pieces of a world-class information platform to harness the power of analytics.  I believe that those organizations that are intentional about building a culture of analytics will gain agility, improve productivity, and transform their marketplaces.  It is my passion to see them through this journey. I spend much of my time working with our clients to gain executive buy-in for these initiatives and to walk alongside our clients during the challenges and triumphs of their quest.

Our project methodology, BreakawayTM, is a key component of our approach to delivering results on projects.  BreakawayTM was tailor made for analytics and enterprise performance management initiatives.  It leverages a proactive and hands-on approach to solution adoption.  With BreakawayTM, adoption begins on day one of the project.  Through experiential learning and solution visualization, the change process starts and individuals build knowledge and experience. BreakawayTM is one of our differentiated approaches that are being celebrated in the marketplace.  The idea of solution adoption is a driving force in my individual efforts to bring value to our clients.

“A massive waterfall starts with a single drop of water - the Promise of Analytics will transform the way organizations compete in the 21st century.” A peloton is a group of cyclists that ride together to optimize their speed and energy use during a cycling race.  It is through the teamwork of the peloton that a cyclist uses 40% less energy.  We place a huge emphasis on teamwork within Peloton and throughout our community of clients and partners.


On a personal level, I am a passionate cyclist.  I enjoy riding the coastline of the south shore of Boston.  I also enjoy competing in triathlons.  I just wish that my run were as good as my bike!  And, I spend many hours trying to keep up with my young kids, who provide me endless enjoyment.

As a huge fan of Jim Collins book, Good to Great, I subscribe to his idea of the Flywheel Effect.  It takes a lot of energy to get the flywheel moving, but once it is moving, the momentum will take over and many small pushes builds speed.  I’m proud of the momentum we have built at Peloton.  I’m proud of the people and I’m especially proud of the teamwork that is building speed toward our mission. With continued focus, I am confident that we have a bright future.

I previously served as Vice President for Hitachi Consulting where I lead the Business Intelligence and Performance Management Practice for the northeast region.   Before that, I served as Executive Vice President and Executive Team member for Palladium Group.  I received a Bachelor of Science from Syracuse University.