Davis Barnett | Director

Hello.  I’m Davis and I help our clients to design the performance management solutions that Peloton delivers.  I enjoy working with our clients to leverage technology to create solutions that provide meaningful answers to their business questions.  Our process for delivering solutions involves introducing our clients to new technologies and getting them to fully grasp the “aha” moments of understanding what’s possible with these new tools.  If we do a great job on a project, then our clients get new information and new insights into their business and marketplaces.  In the end, we have the opportunity to make their jobs much easier.    I work with an integrated Peloton and client team and guide them through the design and architecture of the solutions.  I always say that too much technology is not a good thing.  Our ultimate goal is to provide practical solutions that allow our clients to spend less time managing data and more time making the right decisions.

“Transforming data into decisions – if it was only that simple!” From the beginning of our projects, I work closely with our clients to bring them up to speed on the technology and to involve them in all of the pertinent design decisions.  Everyone benefits by understanding what’s being proposed and what’s being built.  Peloton’s “Breakaway” methodology assists my efforts by getting everyone seeing and believing in the solution. The methodology builds project momentum by celebrating small wins and easing change management via the early adoption of the new technologies.   Clients often leap ahead and start leveraging the new systems and applications in ways that were inconceivable at the start of the project.  To me, it is very exciting to empower clients with new systems.  It is very exciting and rewarding to be involved in this transformation. I have been on many great projects through the years where I have worked with interesting clients against challenging business problems.  I really enjoyed working with one client to design a planning system to forecast aircraft production.  The production cycle for each aircraft spanned several years and this required us to design a unique planning framework.

Within Peloton, I am co-leading our ongoing effort to improve our team’s technical competencies.  My current focus is to support the group that is building our expertise in the deployment of the multidimensional database, Essbase.

When I am not working, I enjoy outdoor adventures with my wife and children.  We love going on AMC hikes with friends in the summer and Nordic and alpine skiing in the winter.

Before joining Peloton, I worked at several enterprise performance management consulting firms.  Prior to that, I was involved in both financial software companies and financial service companies.  I graduated from St. Lawrence University where I studied Economics.